Top 10 Master’s Programs for International Students to Study in the UK

Explore the top 10 master's programs for international students in the UK, from business to medicine, engineering to psychology. Discover the high-quality education, career prospects, and global exposure available at some of the world's leading universities.

Top 10 Master’s Programs for International Students to Study in the UK

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The United Kingdom’s education system has set high standards for education around the globe. The UK is home to some of the world’s leading universities, renowned for their academic excellence, revolutionary teaching methodologies and research accomplishments. A postgraduate degree from the UK is held in high esteem by employers worldwide. For international students who opt to study in the UK, the country offers a fantastic opportunity to acquire world-class education, practical vocational skills, improve the English language and gain global exposure in a multi-ethnic environment. There is a steady influx of international students who move to the UK every year to pursue their education.
The figures below indicate the total number of international student enrolments to the UK from the top 10 countries for 2019-20. Source HESA

By studying in the UK, you will:

  • Gain an internationally recognised qualification from prestigious universities
  • Enhance professional capabilities
  • Improve your career prospects
  • Get high-paid jobs owing to a globally-valued degree
  • Experience life in a serene and beautiful location, amidst a diverse society
A survey carried out by the Higher Education Statistics Agency showed that 86 per cent of students who completed a master’s in the UK were in full-time employment following their graduation. The average cost of studying a master’s degree in the UK for an international student ranges from £10,000 to £17,000. Tuition fees at the postgraduate level vary due to several factors – the stream you choose, the place you live, the university and the program’s duration.
Postgraduate schools in the UK are far less expensive than graduate schools in the USA. It is considered more economical to study in the UK than the US while maintaining the same education standards. The UK is a popular choice for some of the selective master’s programs amongst international students. Let us take a look at them in detail.

Top 10 Master's Programs to Study in the UK

Here is a list of the best postgraduate degree programs that international students can choose to study in the UK.

1. Master of Business Administration

notion image
Image Source: London Business School, University of London
Business schools in the UK are distinguished for their academic brilliance, international immersions, high reputation, stimulating teaching methodology, vigorous seminars, internships and placements at top-notch establishments. Some of the best business schools in the UK are ranked in the top 10 of QS World University Rankings under business and management studies. A business degree from the UK undeniably adds immense value to your profile boosting your career prospects globally. MBA is the most sought-after master’s program in the UK, with more than 125,000 international students enrolling into business programs every year.

Key benefits of an MBA from the UK for international students:

  • Globally-valued business degree from esteemed business schools
  • First-class business education to develop your key management skills
  • Job placements at fortune 500 companies
  • High-paying jobs
  • Opportunity to live and work anywhere in the world

Top Universities for Master of Business Administration in the UK

  1. London Business School
  1. University of Oxford – Saïd Business School
  1. University of Cambridge – Judge Business School
  1. Imperial College Business School
  1. Warwick Business School
  1. University of Manchester: Alliance Manchester Business School
  1. University of Edinburgh Business School
  1. The Business School (Cass Business School)
  1. Cranfield School of Management
  1. Durham University Business School
Refer to the link below for information on Master’s in Management at the London Business School.

2. Master's in Engineering & Technology Courses

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Engineering and Technical education in the UK is the next popular choice after MBA. According to a survey conducted by Technopolis, the UK is considered a world leader in technical education and engineering research. Business establishments in the UK invest a staggering £9 billion annually for engineering research and development. An innovative master’s in engineering or technology-related field from the UK equips students with the necessary domain skills and project management capabilities, advancing them to become industry experts.
UK universities are ranked in the top 10 of the best universities globally for postgraduate programs in engineering and technology. Master’s programs in Engineering Management, Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Aeronautical Engineering are popular choices of international students.
  • Internationally-recognised degree
  • Combination of management and technology education
  • Innovative research-intensive teaching methodology that enhances technical expertise
  • Industry exposure
  • Career-building job opportunities
  • High-remuneration job packages

Top 10 Universities in the UK for Engineering and Technology Studies

1. University of Cambridge 2. University of Oxford 3. Imperial College London 4. UCL (University College London) 5. The University of Manchester 6. University of Edinburgh 7. University of Southampton 8. University of Bristol 9. The University of Sheffield 10. The University of Nottingham

3. Master's in Medicine & Allied Healthcare

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Image Source: Wikimedia
The UK medical schools offer master degrees in medicine from various specialisations that emphasise practical learning, intensive theoretical education, case studies, research programs and clinical trials. Medical schools in the UK comprise highly competent faculty members, state-of-the-art laboratories, well-stocked libraries, high-tech facilities that impart a value-added classroom and practical learning experience. The UK endorses a medical system called NHS – the National Health Service, which provides free healthcare services for UK nationals. Medical schools train future doctors to support and work for the NHS. The UK is home to 30 plus medical schools that are ranked in the top 50 medical schools globally and recognised by the Global Medical Council.
The UK is also known for allied healthcare education in the disciplines of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, veterinary medicine, laboratory science, diagnostic radiography, acupuncture, sports rehabilitation, dental therapy, and many more supportive healthcare programs. A graduate degree in Allied Health Science, followed by a master’s and PhD qualification in a specialized stream from the UK, is globally recognised and provides job and research opportunities anywhere in the world.
More than 10,000 international students swarm UK medical schools annually for postgraduate degrees in Medicine and Allied Healthcare programs.

Benefits of a Master's degree in Medicine and Allied Healthcare programs from the UK:

  • Highly-valued, globally-accepted medical qualification
  • Eligible to practice medicine worldwide
  • Distinctive medical education that imparts clinical practice skills, in-depth medical knowledge, professionalism, compassion and dynamism
  • Career progress and job opportunities
  • Affluent lifestyle with doctors earning a yearly average of £60,000 to £150,000.

Top 10 Medical Schools in UK

1. University of Oxford 2. University of Cambridge 3. UCL Medical School, London 4. Imperial College London 5. King’s College London 6. The University of Edinburgh 7. The University of Manchester 8. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine 9. University of Glasgow 10. University of Birmingham

4. Master's In Mathematics, Statistics and Economics

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A Master’s in Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, or related areas from the UK opens up career opportunities for international students in academic, industrial or government sectors. UK universities that offer master’s programs in this domain give access to exceptional resources, high-tech facilities, excellent quality education and research prospects. A postgraduate degree in Applied Mathematics and related fields teach students crucial financial management techniques to solve complex business or engineering problems, facilitate executive decisions and manage operations of any business sector.
The UK is home to several top universities in the world popular for mathematics and finance-related master’s programs.
  • Globally-reputed specialized qualification
  • High-quality education that imparts problem-solving, data analytical, strategic operational skills
  • Deeper understanding of business operations
  • Job opportunities in private and public sectors
  • Rewarding salary structure
  • Steady career growth

Top 10 Universities in the UK for Master's programs in Mathematics, Statistics and Economics

1. University of Cambridge 2. University of Oxford 3. Imperial College London 4. The University of Warwick 5. The university of Edinburgh 6. University College London, UCL 7. King’s College London 8. The University of Manchester 9. University of Bristol 10. The London School of Economics and Political Science

5. Master's in Natural Sciences

notion image
A Master’s in Natural Sciences is a field of study that incorporates scientific methodologies to study various spheres of natural sciences, i.e., physics, chemistry, astronomy, genetics, biology, geology, etc. A postgraduate degree in a specialized Natural Science stream from the UK opens up abundant job opportunities as educators, engineers, scientists, biologists, physicists and surveyors, in both public and private sectors. A qualified Natural Sciences professional seeks to comprehend how the world and universe around us function. Several top UK universities offer competitive postgraduate programs in Natural Sciences with specialisation.
The UK government plans to invest £14.6 billion in 2021-2022 for scientific research and development to turn Great Britain into a scientific superpower. Consequently, a substantial number of jobs and research opportunities will unlock for professionals in the Natural Sciences field in the coming days.

Benefits of a Master's degree in Natural Sciences from the UK:

  • Highly-reputed scientific qualification
  • Scientific approach of learning helping students acquire expertise in a particular field of study
  • Research and development opportunities
  • Placements in academic or corporate sectors
  • High-paying jobs

Top Universities in the UK for Master's Programs in Natural Sciences

1. University of Cambridge 2. University of Oxford 3. Imperial College London 4. The University of Edinburgh 5. The University of Manchester 6. UCL London 7. University of Bristol 8. University of Warwick 9. Durham University 10. University of Glasgow

6. Master's degree in Computer Science (CS)

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Universities in the UK have consistently topped the QS World University Rankings for Computer Science and Information Technology programs. The UK has been at the forefront in the Information Technology domain, with both the government and private sectors investing billions in IT projects. The top UK universities provide value-based education enabling the students to gain a core understanding of software processes and systems to strategically plan, design, develop and implement complex IT projects. Postgraduate Computer Science programs in the UK are structured to equip students with fundamental skills required to shape businesses worldwide. Umpteen number of job opportunities are available as analysts, developers, testers, designers, etc., in different domains. An IT professional in the UK earns anywhere between £40,000 to £100,000 based on experience level.

Benefits of a Master's degree in Computer Science/Information Technology from the UK:

  • A top-notch qualification valued globally
  • Expert technical and intensive concept-based education
  • Industry exposure through internship opportunities
  • Multitude of job opportunities in private and public sectors
  • Career enhancement and potential to earn well
1. University of Cambridge 2. Imperial College London 3. UCL (University College London) 4. University of Edinburgh 5. King’s College London (KCL) 6. The University of Manchester 7. The University of Warwick 8. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) 9. Lancaster University 10. University of Bristol

7. Master's in Law

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Postgraduate law degrees in the UK are designed, structured and taught by accomplished lawyers who have real-world commercial experience. The master’s programs in law from the UK law schools emphasise on developing practical, problem-solving and critical thinking skills to solve intricate legal issues. Lawyers have options to choose specialisations in various legal sectors, .i.e., international law, criminal law, taxation law, patent and property law, corporate law, commercial law, public law, environmental law, and so on. Law professionals with niche expertise can secure high-level jobs in the private or public sectors.
The UK is illustrious for university and business collaborations, giving international students ample industry exposure and connections for career advancement. A one-year master degree in law from the UK will lead to a Master of Arts (MA), Master of Laws (LLM) or Master of Philosophy (MPhil) qualification in the chosen area of specialisation. Students can further get into research in a core stream leading to a PhD in Law.
The UK Universities are world-renowned for high standards of law education. Many eminent lawyers, scholars and philosophers are alumni of UK law schools. It’s a well-known fact that Sri Mahatma Gandhi, the great social activist and freedom fighter, studied law at the prestigious UCL Faculty of Laws.

Advantages of studying Postgraduate Law Degrees from the UK Law Schools:

  • High-value qualification from prestigious law schools
  • Globally-accepted and a recognised law degree
  • Competitive knowledge of legal systems gained through well-experienced law faculty
  • Diverse range of career opportunities worldwide
  • Jobs at prestigious law firms, public and private sectors
  • Hefty pay packages

Top 10 UK Universities for Postgraduate Law Degrees

1. University of Oxford 2. University of Cambridge 3. London School of Economics and Political Science 4. University College London (UCL) 5. King’s College London 6. University of Edinburgh 7. Queen Mary University of London 8. Durham University 9. University of Glasgow 10. University of Bristol

8. Master's in Architecture

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The UK is a beautiful place to pursue a master’s program in Architecture, thanks to its architectural wonders. The UK is home to magnificent buildings like the Sage Centre, the Clyde Auditorium, the Canterbury Cathedral, Durham Castle, the Royal Liver Building, the Trinity College, and innumerable other architectural marvels. Postgraduate programs in Architecture at the UK universities take inspiration from the country’s deep-rooted history in architecture. A master’s degree is structured to cover elements of architectural history, cultural significance, technological and structural design components. The UK’s prestigious schools of architecture offer a combination of classroom and studio learning, seminars, on-site visits, practical experience that impart in-depth knowledge and technical know-how of this field.
According to the QS World Rankings, UK houses 19 best schools for postgraduate study in Architecture, and three of them fall under the top 10 best schools in the world. International students can opt for sub-disciplines and focus on a specific area of interest, i.e., architectural design, landscape architecture, building engineering and management, urban design, architectural history and conservation.

Benefits of a Master's degree in Architecture from the UK:

  • Globally-acclaimed postgraduate degree in Architecture
  • Advanced application knowledge reaped through centuries of experience
  • Job opportunities at top-notch business establishments
  • Freelancing and self-employment career opportunities
  • Excellent pay packages

Top 10 universities in UK for a Master's in Architecture

1. University College London (UCL) 2. University of Cambridge 3. Manchester School of Architecture 4. The University of Sheffield 5. Cardiff University 6. Loughborough University 7. Newcastle University 8. Oxford Brookes University 9. University of Bath 10. The University of Edinburgh

9. Master's in Psychology

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The UK universities offer intensive master’s programs in Psychology focusing on human behaviour and hypothesis that find applicability in multiple disciplines. A postgraduate degree in this field provides job opportunities in corporate and government sectors in healthcare, human resources, mental healthcare, social work, marketing, businesses, etc. A few UK universities also have conversion programs that allow students from other backgrounds to become professional psychologists.
The UK schools are recognised worldwide for their contribution to psychology education through enriching teaching methodology, intensive research and case studies, behavioural hypothesis training, etc. The master programs encompass sub-disciplines of psychology study such as neuroscience, perception, cognition, social psychology, differential psychology, etc.

Benefits of a Master's degree in Psychology from the UK:

  • Prestigious qualification from world-renowned UK universities
  • Guidance and learning from experienced professionals
  • Cutting-edge research opportunities
  • Job options in private and public sectors
  • Freelancing opportunity
  • High earnings

Top UK universities for Postgraduate Programs in Psychology

1. University of Oxford 2. University of Cambridge 3. University College London 4. King’s College London 5. London School of Economics and Political Science 6. University of Edinburgh 7. University of Manchester 8. University of Warwick 9. University of Exeter 10. Cardiff University

10. Master's in Media and Communication

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Well-known for research and high-quality teaching, the UK universities are the best for media and communication studies. A master’s in media and communication related field from the UK covers a wide range of topics and sub-disciplines including television, radio, print media, linguistics, photography, journalism, corporate media, marketing and others. UK’s leading schools have tailor-made programs that provide the international students an opportunity to enhance their creative abilities, critical thinking, researching techniques, writing and communication skills and improve the English language.
Media and creative industries in the UK pay an average of £30,000 to £60,000 based on experience level. Media and communication professionals from the UK enjoy a creative and satisfying career with an opportunity to travel around the globe.

Benefits of a Master's degree in Media and Communication from the UK:

  • World-class Media and Communication qualification
  • Intellectually-stimulating education
  • Enhanced communication, creative, interpersonal, critical analytical skills
  • Unlimited job opportunities in numerous media, government and business establishments
  • Huge leap in career growth
  • Financial benefits

Top 10 UK Universities for Postgraduate Programs in Media and Communication:

1. The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) 2. Goldsmiths, University of London 3. Cardiff University 4. King’s College London 5. University of Leeds 6. University of Westminster 7. University of Leicester 8. University City of London 9. Loughborough University 10. Royal Holloway University of London


The UK universities are globally distinguished for their high-quality education, excellence in teaching and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Thousands of international students opt to study in the UK and enroll for master’s programs at prestigious UK schools every year. In this article, we have enlisted the top 10 master’s programs that international students choose to study in the UK. We have given a brief description of the program, scope and benefits, and top 10 universities for each program. Do review the course categories and choose the most relevant program best suited for your profile.

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